Scott Robertson

Technical Project Manager   /   Lead PHP Developer
    Fallon, Nevada, USA
    (775) 400-1222‬    
Project Management: Asana, Trello, Clockify, Hubstaff, Timedoctor, Cattr, docs, and spreadsheets
Coding: PHP 5.6 - PHP 8, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery, Ajax, nodejs, Python, and Bash
Payment Processing: PayPal, Stripe, InvoiceNinja, and Wise
Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows
Technologies: SSH/CLI, Apache, MySQL, Docker, Nextcloud, ElasticSearch, Webmin, ISPConfig, and Cpanel
Code Editors: Netbeans, Geany, Kate, and
Files: SVN, FTP, WebDav, rsync, rclone, and fusefs
Automation: Cron, IFTT, N8N, and HomeAssistant
Analytics: Matomo, Google Analytics, and AWstats
Digital Marketing: Content Curation, Lighthouse, Ubbersuggest, Dlvrit, Buffer, Hootsuite, SEOPanel, Greenflare, PHPList, Listmonk, and Sendy
Media: Gimp, Krita, Kdenlive, and Audacity
  • Board of Directors
  • Boy Scouts of America - Troop 1776
  • Eagle Scout
Wacky Eagle Technologies - 1996 to Present
Owner / Freelancer
  • My efforts include finding new projects, working and consulting with clients, marketing, and managing all financial and business matters.
  • Email, chat, text, call, and hold meetings with clients at various stages of their project, get questions answered, resolve billing issues, diffuse problems, and maintain balance with project scope, budget and timeline.
  • Keep detailed notes in a variety of apps including Asana, Nextcloud, OnlyOffice, and my "second brain" Trillium.
  • Ensure related tasks get updated, completed work is bug free, well documented, and exceeds client expectations.
  • Over the years, I have designed and built a custom backend that powers all my sites, my own budget app, and even a specialized system that aids me in hand-curating content for my newsletters and "buzz" pages. I use Natural Language Processing to analyze websites for SEO and various ways they can be improved.

Vehicles Network / Apogee Invent - Oct 2016 to July 2022
Lead PHP Developer / Technical Project Manager
  • As time allowed, I reviewed back log of tasks, ask about their status and worked on ones still needing to be done. Over a period of six-months, I closed out over a hundred tasks, dating back up to six-years.
  • Assisted with the management of 300+ Auto Dealer websites by writing new code, updating old code, and fixing bugs. I also performed onsite audits to optimize for Google core vitals.
  • I created the "Autos Team", organized tasks, ensured new tasks were completed on time, held scrum meetings, quality assurance checks, and monitored developers work and hours.
  • I was asked to plan out and architect a new platform they wanted built to replace the outdated old platform. Which then lead to the development of the autoSTRADA platform. The build took thousands of man hours spread out over about 1.5 years.
  • I handled pre-push checks to ensure any problems that I found got handled. Once I was happy with the state of the code, I would perform a stable push followed by more checks to verify all was functioning as intended.
  • I assisted with monitoring the Linux servers and handling server outages.

Bits Of Koin - Approx 1.5 years
Technical Project Manager
  • I worked with the clients to identify and scope their project. I architected and provided the clients with an estimate of time and cost to complete the project. Next I broke it into sprints, create the tasks for each sprint, and generally got everything documented and ready to be developed.
  • I wrote the job ads for Upwork, determined who to interview, reviewed that selection with clients, set up and conduct the interviews, reviewed results with clients, hired our choices, then on boarded them.
  • I managed the team of two developers, a designer, and a quality assurance checker. I reviewed their work, performed quality assurance checks, ensured everyone stayed on track, and mentored them as needed. I also held scrum and check-in meetings as needed.
  • I performed routine pushes of the completed code. Prior to and after each push, I would test the code to ensure no problems.
  • Over time, the clients would request changes or new features. I would advice them on how the changes would affect the budget and timeline. Once changes were agreed upon, I would make the needed changes to the sprints and tasks in Asana. - Approx 3 years
PHP Developer
  • Wrote clean, optimized, stable code for new features in custom code base. Fully tested and documented the code. Traced and repaired bugs.
  • Assisted with Linux server as needed, such as outages.
  • Added a blog feature by tweaking WordPress login system to intergrate with the exsiting 1WeddingSource custom login logic.
  • After the company merged with another wedding company, I served as CTO and the technical hand off to the new owners.

Book Treasure House - Approx 2.5 years
Chief Technical and Operations Officer
  • My business partner and I pitched the idea to three angel investors who ultimately invested $250,000 into our project over a period of two-years.
  • I handled everything technical including picking out and buying needed hardware, managing our two T-1 internet lines, setting up and maintaining the firewalls, phone system, two web servers, an email server, and five workstations. Servers were physical machines in our office.
  • I maintained our checkbook, financial records, and paid the bills, plus state-required business documents.
  • Improved and maintained the code which generated profile websites for book authors simply by filling out a form.
  • I took care of various marketing items such as: recording podcasts via phone, edit the recordings, and add them to our website. I also used text provided by my business partner to send, in some cases, millions of emails about our services.