Work Examples

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robo-jet (WordPress)

We are currently providing ongoing maintenance to the live Robo-Jet website while undertaking a complete rebuild using the Oxygen page editor. This comprehensive project involves developing a new website from scratch, ensuring a modern, user-friendly design, and incorporating advanced features to enhance functionality and performance. Our focus is on delivering a robust, scalable platform that meets Robo-Jet’s precise requirements for their waterjet cutting services.
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Campfire Arts (Shopify)

We ensure the smooth operation of the Campfire Arts website, providing continuous maintenance and quick resolutions for any issues that arise. Our team takes a creative approach, making custom changes to the site's theme to deliver a unique and polished look. This includes optimizing the site's performance, enhancing user experience, and implementing custom design elements to reflect the brand's identity and appeal to its target audience.

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Girl Scouts of America of Northern California - Diablo Day Camp (WordPress)

We have successfully upgraded the Diablo Day Camp website to PHP8, ensuring enhanced performance and security. The redesign of the website is well underway, focusing on creating a modern, user-friendly experience with the latest WordPress features. Our efforts include updating content, improving navigation, and integrating interactive elements to better serve campers, volunteers, and parents. The new design aims to reflect the camp's vibrant community and provide comprehensive information in an engaging format.
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Wacky Scouter (Scratch Built - custom php)

We developed and maintain a custom CMS for Wacky Scouter, a resource website serving around 3,500 unique adult scout leaders each month. Built with PHP and leveraging Bootstrap for a fully responsive front-end, our home-grown CMS efficiently manages the site and its various business tasks. Utilizing multiple libraries and functions, we've streamlined upgrades and maintenance, ensuring a robust and user-friendly platform for the scouting community.
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RSSbot - Content Aggregation Bot (Scratch Built - custom php)

Part of our custom CMS, the RSSBot pulls in content from over 100 RSS feeds related to scouting. It scores each feed based on various criteria, allowing us to manually select the best content for inclusion in our weekly newsletter and social media channels. This automated yet customizable approach ensures we share the most relevant and engaging content with our audience, enhancing our digital outreach and engagement.
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Find Your Investigator (WordPress)

We have undertaken extensive performance optimization for Find Your Investigator, updating the site to the latest version of WordPress, including all plugins, and addressing security vulnerabilities. Our team developed a custom plugin for a tailored login page with a background image and CAPTCHA for enhanced security. Additionally, we made significant updates to package pages, resolved payment processing bugs, and improved content, images, and videos. Comprehensive SEO and security audits were also performed to ensure the site’s robustness and efficiency.
licensed investigator Screenshot

Licensed Investigator (WordPress)

We have significantly enhanced the performance of the Licensed Investigator website, improving its performance score from 11 to 86. Our work included a comprehensive update to the latest version of WordPress, alongside all plugins, and we implemented various content, image, and video updates. Additionally, we conducted thorough SEO and security checks to ensure the site’s optimal performance and safety.
fathom publishing poem stats Screenshot

Fathom Publishing Text Stats (Scratch Built - custom php)

We developed a dynamic text stats application for Fathom Publishing, specifically designed for line-based poetry analysis. Utilizing a PHP script and a text stats library, the app processes and generates detailed statistics for poems. The script is executed via AJAX when the user interacts with the interface, ensuring fast and seamless performance. This innovative tool provides users with a fun and efficient way to analyze and break down poetic texts.
custom inyranet stats Screenshot

Custom PHP Intranet (Scratch Built - custom php)

We completely revamped a complex custom PHP intranet application for a large organization's commerce operations. This overhaul included upgrading the core system from PHP 5 to PHP 8, implementing a new secure login system, custom page router, and modernizing the entire user interface. Our efforts focused on optimizing the application's code and database queries, while prioritizing robust security measures. This challenging project resulted in a smooth-running and secure intranet system, critical to the client's daily operations.
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roadCEO Coaching (Static Site)

roadCEO is a fast-loading website built primarily with static HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript, with PHP used to seamlessly integrate and glue the pages together. The design focuses on efficiency and performance, ensuring quick load times and a smooth user experience. The minimal use of PHP helps maintain simplicity while still providing the necessary functionality to manage content effectively. This approach ensures a reliable and user-friendly platform for visitors seeking information and resources.