Who Am I?

My name is Scott Robertson, an Eagle Scout from Fallon, NV. I have over 28 years experience as a freelance PHP Developer and Project Manager. I know a number of programming languages and other technologies. I am an easy going, wacky, laid back, loyal kind of guy.

scott with binary background When I was in the fourth grade my parents bought a Apple II E computer. I spent a lot of time on it and even started programming by copying scripts out of magazines to see what they did.

In the fifth or sixth grade I begged my teacher to let me set up the new computer, an Apple II C. Eventually she let me. Not only did I do it correctly on the first try, without opening a manual, I also knew the printer cable was missing. From that day on, she would "loan" me to other teachers who needed technical help.

Boy Scouting was a big part of my life growing up. I started of as a Tiger Cub in 1982 and worked my way up over the years, eventually earning Eagle in 1991. As an adult I completed Woodbadge, which is a week long leadership course, as well as, server in various positions including on the District training team. I also server on summer camp staff four different times, twice as the area director of scout skills. scott with binary background

Around 1997 or 1998 I spent a year in Americorps*NCCC, we were taught to describe it as a domestic Peace Corps. We mostly did various projects around San Diego, CA such as helping out in a school, VA Hospital with quadriplegic veterans, a school farm program, and archaeological project at the Presidio. Additionally, we worked on some trails in Northern CA, and on a different trip went up to Oregon and Washington states to evaluate projects for future teams to work on, did some trail work, as well as painting a fireboat in Tacoma.

We were also required to create journal's of sorts about each project which meant spending a lot of time in their computer lab. I taught myself Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, as well as Microsoft Office. Which also lead me to planning out a complex special event to help the Presidio raise funds. Unfortunately, the event never happened, but I learned a ton figuring it out.

When I started college, I had no idea what I wanted to do, but after taking my first computer class everything fell into place. A friend showed me an HTML book he checked out of the college library. Three months later, I had mastered HTML and started creating the first version of InsaneScouter.org.

I also started tutoring computer science, working in the computer lab, and found my first few clients that I created websites for. This lead me into a wide range of projects and experiences including co-owning a investor-funded tech startup. Eventually I earned a degree in Programming and another in Unix.

Jack meditating         Jack meditating

While in college I partnered up with a friend from Scouts to form InsaneScouter into a business. We sold cd's and other resources, but we also got into building and selling custom computers too. My partner mostly sold the computers to co-workers at his day job.

In 2005, a client/friend and I started a business called Book Treasure House to help authors gain more exposure for their books. We raised over $250,000 in investor funding, over a period of 2.5 years. My partner handled the sales side of things, and I pretty much handled operations and everything technical.

Along the way I have failed many times. At least three times I nearly became homeless. It was only with the graciousness of friends and family, plus a bit of luck that prevented that from happening. However, these failures taught me a lot. I learned to think of them as "challenges" that can be overcome... just bumps in the road.

scott with binary background My current dog Jack Jack, was attacked Feb 13, 2021 by a dog that escaped its yard. The dog nearly amputated his leg. Luckily the house where it happened accepted blame, and even rushed Jack and I the over hour drive each way to the nearest emergency vet. He lost the leg, but survived that attack and is doing quit well. Jack and I like to go camping and hiking.

Wacky Eagle Techologies, has been around for many years under a variety of names that I have freelanced under including InsaneWebTeam, InsaneScouter, ISWebTeam, and SRsquare.

I currently have two home servers, one running HomeAssistant, and the other ispconfig to host some of the open source apps I use, act as a beta server, and even maybe host a few of my sites. I have a pfsense firewall to protect my network, and use a reverse proxy to route the traffic to the right machines.

My smart home is made up of 4 cameras, a number of bulbs, 5 plugs, 5 contact sensors, a temperature sensor, and an Amazon Echo Show 5. I use contact sensors on my mail box to let me know when the mail comes, and on the gate so I know if someone opens it. Slowly but steadily I am building it out & making my home smarter.

My desk is setup with my System76 gaming laptop, hooked up to two monitors, a gaming keyboard, and a wireless mouse. It runs Ubuntu which I keep up to date. Next to my computer I have another screen hooked up to a Amazon Fire stick. I have a second work station hooked up under my desk that I connect to via remote desktop sharing. I also have a Windows 10 netbook I use for testing, along with two Amazon Fire tablets. Additionally, I have a Samsung laser printer & flatbed scanner combo which is connected to all my computers over the network. For internet I have a 300 mbps cable modem connection, and for phone I use both Google Voice and my Verizon smart phone.

Jack meditating         Jack meditating

My Passions & Dreams

Hobbies: camping, hiking, cooking, reading, writing children's fiction, self growth, and of course technology. I also enjoy meditation, walking my dog, and spending time in the outdoors.

Dream: living full time from a camper, going where ever the road leads me.

Favorite Quote:   "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." --Eleanor Roosevelt
Scott's dog Jack

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